Media Monitoring

Media monitoring” is being thrown around quite often as a buzz word, with many companies and people not fully understanding what it is.

Because of that, there have been some misunderstandings about media monitoring that you may have heard or even believe.

To help improve your business grow, here are 3 misbeliefs about media monitoring that could be hurting your PR.

  • You Don’t Need the Small Local Publications
  • Digital Media is the Only Way!
  • You Just Need to Listen

Media Monitoring Misbelief #1: You Don’t Need Small Local Publications

Media Monitoring - Publications

An article about your company or product was published in a nation-wide newspaper, and/or they were mentioned on a national radio talk show.

This is a big break for you, but should if those mentions were negative, this break could be a blow for your image and revenue.

It is a definite must to keep track of big news media that mention you, but having tunnel vision on just the big guys could deny you some important information.

Sure, you are getting that national wide coverage as well as the information of what possibly millions of people think of you or your product; but what of the people in your local area?

Maybe you’ve interacted with your local area’s businesses and community, or maybe not.

At the end of the day, they are closer in proximity to you and will form opinions of you faster than someone living on the other side of the country.

After all, if your local community has a bad opinion of you and see you on national news receiving praise, there is a chance you may be featured nationally again… Just for not so pleasant reasons.

As such, you need to be tracking the local publications and knowing what your local community thinks of you to keep a better PR.

In fact, don’t just stop there, track small publications in big cities as well. Any information or misinformation about your company may make or break your image.

It can get tricky to keep track of all of this, so using media monitoring services might ease your worries.

Media Monitoring Misbelief #2: Digital Media is the Only Way

Media Monitoring - Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, Youtube, online forums such as Lowyat and Reddit. These are just several of the digital platforms out of many many more that are used every day used for mass communication.

Monitoring these digital platforms is almost essential to know who has been talking about you, and how many people are doing the same thing.

As important as it is to have these digital platforms covered, traditional media, such as radio talk shows and newspaper mentions, are still just as crucial to getting people to know about you.

With online blogs and tweets sharing new stories and discoveries every day, and their offline counterparts doing the same

The best way of tackling your media monitoring strategies is to think of offline and online mediums, not as two separate fields, but as one large field of media.

As such, no matter the size of the digital platform, all of them play an important role in shaping your media monitoring strategy.

Media Monitoring Misbelief #3: You Just Need to Listen

Media Monitoring - Communicate

While monitoring media and understanding what are peoples’ opinions of you is a high priority for your company, just listening is not enough.

Say a group of media platforms has written a story about your company and has started a discussion on forums, social media, and other platforms.

This represents an opportunity for you to not only engage with many people in one go but to also contribute to the discussion and clear any misunderstandings; after all, you are a primary source of information.

That said if you stand-by idly and do nothing, the best-case scenario is nothing happens. The worst-case scenario is misinformation spreads, and a negative impression of your company might form.

Once again, if the conversation is about you, be part of it, contribute to it, and control for any rumors, or in more recent terms, fake news.