Media Insights

Our experienced team make sense of data and provide you with actionable insights in the area of key messages, media landscape, spokesperson, campaign effectiveness, product features etc.

mi SentiMeter

Best-suited for organizations that want a quick view of their reputation and to quantify the pattern of news sentiments.

mi VocaLead

Measures the strength and popularity of your messages in press releases, interviews, and speeches, helping you strengthen your core message.

mi TopVoice

Analyzes key figures and compares them to top players in the industry, helping you engage the right brand advocates to build your brand.

mi MilestoneMarker

Provides a check-and-balance of your company’s PR achievement.

mi PressAnatomy

An in-depth into which platform works for you, which media title brings out the crux of your story, and which will win the race in achieving best media value return.

mi ProductAnalyzer

Provides an in-depth view of the best and least mentioned brands and features.

mi CampaignVerifier

Evaluate the success of your campaign versus your competitors.

mi BrandRep

Assists in restoring your brand positioning, revealing the all-encompassing perception analysis and the likeability of your brand.

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